Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whistler for the Olympics

Photo Description: Some of us on the Audio team with the mountains of Whistler being beautiful behind us.

I'm here. All settled into the Whistler Chateau Resort. And let me tell you its gorgeous!

Here's a link to the hotel:

I'm supposed to have a room mate - but i don't yet ... which is completely fine with me! It's so nice and quiet ... and I have my stuff spread out everywhere. Neatly of course.

I was able to see Vancouver this morning ... It was gorgeous ... but nothing compared to Whistler -- Where I am now. The mountains, Ski resorts, everything is just breathtaking.

I am getting up at 6:45 am in the morning to head to the bobsled, luge and skeleton courses ... called the "sliding" venue, where I'll be working for the next month.

We bought groceries and miscellaneous food items after a dinner of focaccia bread sandwiches at the local market. So i intend to eat breakfast here at the hotel in my room each morning.

I am sitting here in my Whistler Chateau Resort robe, headed down to the hot tub for some relaxation now.

Who ever knew the life of luxury could be this good... I feel like a princess. I needed some extra hangers for my closet, so I called the front desk: The phone was answered immediately by a happy voice saying, "hello miss schutters, how are you this evening and what can i get for you?"

Wow! Talk about service with a smile? Literally 3 minutes later, another smiling faced girl was standing at my door with every kind of hanger I could dream of, for me to have.

I could get used to this. Are you sure this is only for a month? And what did I do to deserve this?

Wow, how God blesses me!

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