Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day two ... Cold Fresh Whistler Air

Photo description: Where I work everyday. Placing mics around the Sliding Venue; the Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton track... so that you can not only see the Olympics on your television screen ... but also hear the events. You're welcome. :)

Back at work, 8:30 am on the bus headed to the mountain. Delicious catered meal as always. Healthy of course...
AND everything is compost-able here - even the silverware. It's incredible how GREEN the Olympics truly is. Good for them!

Tried to upload some pics to facebook last night and the internet went "lame" on me!

So I'll try again ...

Made several new friends here: Canadians Rob and Clinton as well as Devin... Rob works with the camera operators but Clinton and Devin work with me in audio. Great people!

And I've learned so much! I worked with Ken today ... He is also from Kentucky. He calls me Blondie. Imagine that. Hahahaha lol.

Another long day ahead. Too tired for Hot Tub at the resort tonight. But did go to Old Spaghetti Factory tonight for a $25.00 dinner that I was too full to eat most of. Ridiculous. Won't make that mistake again.

Have to be at work earlier than normal tomorrow ... we have to get everything done tomorrow. It's our last day of set-up.

I still don't have a room mate. And I am still ok with that! It's so quiet around here ... restful, relaxing and calm. Just what you need after a hard days work. To get back to the resort tonight from the venue, we took a "short cut" Rob showed us and walked all the way back instead of riding the tram ... it was worth it because it was a beautiful walk ... but it was completely an adventure because we went halfway down a ski slope before Rob said, Oh wait, we're headed to the wrong place -- that is Not the Whistler Chateau! So back up the snow bank and on to the other road ... !

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