Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life, Loves, Pursuits

I feel like I learn something new literally every day; and that feeling is definitely more than true -- i learn so much daily. Which is a humbling feeling and a wonderful feeling too!

I learn new things about people, relationships, work of course, and other sorts of things ...

I love learning!

Today I'm learning about the new iPhone4 ... stay tuned. I'll share my experiences with pre-ordering at Radio Shack today!

I'm just a little excited.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Women's Hairstyles ... Random, I know!

So I've been thinking ... what is so important about a woman's hair?

Why is it that we feel so inadequate if our hair cut is not the way we want it ... or it isn't fixed the way we expect it to be?

Everyone has different standards and likes/dislikes.

I think it's just all about keeping that sort of thing in perspective: It's fine to care about what you look like and want to present yourself in the best way you can to the community.


At the end of the day, what matters most?

Always keep that in mind.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Have you ever noticed how much certain things drain you of energy? For instance, I put so much into my work and it can be so stressful at times, that by the end of my work week I am completely and utterly drained.

So where do you get your energy?

Some people sleep their weekends away and feel rested from that. I've tried it and actually sleeping my whole weekend away, laying around the house and such just leaves me feeling more out of it!

Some folks go crazy busy and plan their whole weekends full of activities. This leaves them feeling like they've accomplished a lot, and in that there is a feeling of worth that gives some people energy to start their new week.

I tend to lean more towards this. However, going going going all the time leaves your body physically taxed which in turn can mess up your psyche. This works well for me often though, because then I'm positive, and adventures that keep me busy tend to give me lots of energy!

This weekend, I have spent a lot of time working, at work and at my apartment, just getting caught up in hopes that next week will then get started off on the right foot. However, I am such an extroverted person, that my lack of interaction with people has left me feeling "blah" LOL! Since I work night shift, I don't see people as much as I'm accustomed to, so on the weekend I enjoy the company of friends and family the most!.

Thankfully my brother is visiting and we've had a great weekend together! We saw the new movie A-Team last night after eating Mexican ... and it was wonderful! After dinner we all just sat in my Camry and "people watched." Most entertaining and hilarious! I think I burned about 9 million calories I laughed so hard. Adrian T. And Alex S. tend to make me do that. Very worthwhile movie though. I think one of my "quiet" weekends is considered "busy" for most people! :) Funny how perspective works.

P.S. Kentucky's allergies are the pits! I am so "clogged up" with my nasal passages swollen and hurting, my throat is sore and I feel so groggy from congestion. I think I made a good decision to take it easy this weekend.

On to Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Ever wondered why it is so much easier for people to discourage you ... rather than encourage? That has always blown me away!

It seems much more difficult for some to smile than to frown! But why? We have so much to be thankful for.

As one of my dear friends Chas G. kept saying to me this morning ... there is always someone who has it much worse off than we do. And that is true!

When I think I have it bad ... or when I think I'm suffering or sad, look around ... there is someone else who needs me to encourage them more!

So my goal for today ... this week ... this month ... this year ... is to just encourage others and to be sympathetic, have mercy and show compassion.

You never ever know what someone could be going through ... unsaid.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What is New

Isn't it funny how fast "new" becomes old?

I've noticed new people, new clothes, new hair styles/cuts, new friends, new pets, new toys/stuff, everything new I can think of gets old ... fast.

However, there are definitely ways that I've personally found to counteract this natural tendency! For instance at my job here at WYMT-TV ... I've found that I challenge myself each day to do at least one specific thing better or faster, more thorough or more positively than the day before.

I know I'm a cheese ball but I have an alarm in my phone that goes off every single day 30 minutes before I go into work that says "be exceptional."

It's just a constant reminder NOT to be ordinary. Ordinary is so ... boring.