Sunday, February 14, 2010

Five Days in Whistler... Incredible Excitement on the First Day of Olympic Luge Competitions!

Whistler Day Five: First Day of the Men's Luge Competitions...

Photo Description: Audio Crew co-workers as we set up a ladder. They call us "Smurfs" because of our Blue clothing... lol.

The men's start was moved down to women's start because of the fatal accident yesterday... women's moved down to Junior start ... that is sad for the athletes...

Today we worked from 6am until 10pm.


Was live next to the finish for both rounds of men's luge runs tonight. Got colder and rained, snowed and slushed all day. Sort of miserable... but hey, I'm at the Olympics! Love this place! Love these people!

Made friends with the Surgeons, doctors and other medical personnel at the last curve 16 who worked the fatal luge crash yesterday -- there is a memorial down there and the entire barricade has been rebuilt and padded so that hopefully no future incidents will happen...


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