Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up on the Mountain .... Whistler, Canada, Day Four

Photo: Description: We put several mics in the trees also and the guys were joking that squirrels and birds would probably think those mics with the fuzzy covers were new friends or something ... lol. We have to entertain ourselves all day somehow! Silly conversations crack me up!

So much snow fell today! Huge snowflakes, the size of gumballs!

Last night I went out with my new friends Marta , Vera D., Borja S., (all from Spain!) and Clinton H. (from Vancouver!) Such a wonderful time with wonderful people. They are all just great!

We took lots of funny photos.

I have found that my packing was sadly lacking for this trip ... I brought so many 'work' clothes -- but no clothes just for bopping around Whistler :( So I wear work clothes all the time ... not fashionable.

But, at the same time, I am here to work. So anything else I get to do is an amazing bonus!

Cold, wet, hard work today: Although I am so thankful, because the weather, really, is very good! It is surprisingly warm (not bitter cold) even though it is snowing and the snow melts making me look like a drowned rat. Thankfully i'm not trying to impress anyone with my fashionable appearance, so it doesnt' matter!

Met Jason W., Director for the entire Broadcast from NBC via Ken: He is a great guy! And so easy to talk with! I look forward to getting to know him better. He invited me to come to the NBC trailer during their broadcast and see what's going on; meet everyone.

I have been taking leftovers from our catered meals so that I don't have to pay for much food while i'm here... So our fridge smells like shrimp and other miscellaneous tidbits! lol.

I have not spoken to my family since I've been here... :( sad. I miss them! But its so hard to communicate because they aren't messaging me on facebook!

Worked out last night with Clinton: We did Ab Ripper, I ran and then we swam as well as doing pyramid pushups. That was a lot of exercise in addition to the walking and trekking up Whistler mountain all day every day for audio work, patching cables and running microphones.

I need to shoot a package tonight for fun: Lee will let me use the camera but he's at the Delta hotel which i'm not sure where its located ... I'll ask Natalie.

Talked to Devon T. a lot today; more than usual. We talked all about her and her girlfriend, and she explained to me their relationship and her background with theater etc. It is good to get to know her better. She is a nice Canadian friend.

I wonder how things are going at WYMT?!

Tomorrow we have to report for work at 6am! WOW! Earliest day yet!

The other morning, when I updated my iphone the night before, it reset so that it was switched back to Kentucky time from Whistler time... Well no big deal EXCEPT for the fact that my alarm was set for 7am... well that is 4am Whistler time.... so I literally woke up to my alarm at 4am Whistler time and started getting ready before I realized that hotel wakeup call had never rang ... which was odd... and the clock on my nightstand said 4am... so I called the front desk and asked what time it was? The answer was 4am.... so I went back to bed! Story of my life. LOL.

Talked to Ken all about God yesterday ... He asked me if I was a born again Christian, I said yes, and that led to a long philosophical conversation while we were setting up mics and running cable through the venue. His beliefs are very different from me in some ways, other ways similar. It was enlightening to hear his perspective and informative. I love to be challenged by someone intellectual.

Good conversation is always welcome!

Lots to do tonight ... including a shower, tiding up the room and uploading photos to the web from Canada!

I got to walk on the bobsled/luge/skeleton track today (at the start line) and look down the track ... so steep! WOW!
Here's hoping Devon will let me do my laundry at her house Monday!


  1. Mo girl. I finally found your blog. Yeah! The pics on Facebook look great. Keep shooting. I am so sorry about the luge accident that killed the Georgian. Wow, it hit me hard all the way back here I can't imagine how you feel. Anyway, I'm following you. Be a good girl and watch out for those boys! Remember what I always taught you! lol Dad

  2. I guess you realize this isn't Alex. I'm just using his account. Dad

  3. Nice, Daddy-o! I love that you're using "Alex" as your username! Thanks for the comments! I miss you! XOXOXOXOXOOXXO