Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Job at KODE

And so my adventures in TV continue.

I have accepted a reporting position at KODE/KSNF-TV in Joplin, Missouri; here's their facebook page for more info; just search for "KODE/KSN"

And you can visit their website here for the latest clips and information about their TV station just go to

I am very excited to make the move. It will be difficult to leave Kentucky as it is hard to move away from "home" anywhere. Though I was born and raised in North Carolina and will always be a Carolina girl, Kentucky has been my home for the past several years - as I went to college at Asbury (now University) and then took my first television broadcasting position at WYMT-TV in Hazard.

I interned at LEX-18 and WKYT-27 both in Kentucky and have many many friends in the bluegrass.

For this I am SO thankful.
But all that said, the move to Joplin, Missouri will be a good one - one which I continue to prepare for daily, and look forward to the transition.

All my love to my Kentucky family and to my new Missouri home, I tell you, "see you soon!"

I will continue to publish my adventures in reporting and the television business here on my blog "The Life and Times of Morgan Kathleen Schutters."

Thanks for following me!

God's blessings to all.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Why do you work?

Great conversations tonight with friends. Intriguing, challenging... my friends make me think.

I was talking with Adrian T. about work ... why do we work?

Some might say they work to make money. Some say they work because that is what they love to do. They are passionate about their job, so it doesn't matter that they make barely enough money to get by ... because they love their job.

But he brought a new perspective to me about jobs tonight - he said that he works to make money so that he can spend his life doing the things he enjoys. What a unique perspective! And such a valid point. For some reason, I had never thought of that before - I just assumed everyone was like me and wanted a job they loved ... and that was their life. But imagine that - some people don't care about their job as long as they make enough money at it to do what they enjoy!

I love good discussions with others because it challenges me to think through other people's perspectives instead of always assuming everyone thinks the way I think - (which they certainly do not!)