Monday, February 22, 2010

Peak to Peak Whistler

Photo Description: Middle of one of the Peaks, Whistler. Julie B., Clinton H. and I.

Went on the Gondola, one with an open glass bottom floor, from one peak to the other for this reason its called the "peak to peak" ...

Absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking, awe inspiring.

Went to the market and ate a dinner of chips, Guacamole, Salsa, raisins, Dasani, and carrot sticks. LISH AND TRISH! (Delicious and Nutritious).

A WONDERFUL day in Whistler, by far my favorite so far.

Spent with beautiful friends.

So much Audio So Little Time

Photo Description: Our Audio team... everyone in the audio mixing room, except for Devon! :( She was out running an errand. :) We were photographed for a magazine article in Canada, so after the photographer took our pic, since we had everyone there (ahhhh Devon!) I just had us all stay and took an extra photo... with MY camera. Good times!

Team Audio includes: Don S. Norm H. Devon T. (not pictured sadly!) Clinton H. Morgan S. (Me! Obviously.) Marta H. Borja S. Allan W. Malcolm J. Ken F. and Tim D.

We spend WAY too much time together. But we love it.

This audio team is brillant. That's all I have to say.

Ok ... so everyone's been saying we're more than halfway through our time at the Olympics .... and that makes me sad!

Laundry Money.

Doing laundry today... for the first time since February 1st! Gads! That's 22 days. I know, gross.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Love A New Tube of Mascara...

Always meeting someone new at the Olympics ...
Most everyone I've met so far, are amazing people~!

Photo Description: Went to the "Amsterdam Pub" in Whistler Village after work and got my first order of "Poutine" I've ever had ... Cheese Curds on French Fries... Smothered with Gravy ... Thinking about it now makes me nauseous but at the time, it tasted fairly good. Such a Canadian thing. They just love it here in the Maple Leaf State. :)

One of the guys I work with, Rob B. is a big time videographer and snowboarder... His blog is: and He is pursuing the most amazing opportunities literally all over the world! He told me about a new one yesterday but it's on the DL, so I can't explain here.

The Sliding Center events here at the Olympics have been going well -- everyone is so enthusiastic, especially when a Canadian slides. Skeleton is the most nerve-racking of them all because the slider lays on his stomach, his face just inches from the ice... a wreck means certain injury or death.

I love my roommate Vera, from Spain. Between her and her friends from Spain, as well as the two audio friends i've made on our team from Spain, Marta H. and Borja S. I have brushed up on my Spanish so much! I talk to them in Spanish as much as I can! It is such a learning opportunity!

Off to another day now at the Whistler Sliding Center here at the Olympics in Canada. Bobsled practice is the plan for today I believe. I want to hop in a Bobsled and slide down SO badly!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whistler Skeleton... The Canadians won!

I bet you can guess how excited the feel around the village was... since the Canadian guy won the Skeleton WHOA~!

"Cheque, Please."

Dear World,

Just read this statement in an article I was browsing on a news site ... "...a rising star of evangelical Christianity...." What is wrong with that?

Come on!

Not *celebrit-ize* Christianity, please. I am pretty sure celebrity status actually goes against one of the things the bible teaches most-humility.

Ok, Thanks.


What is wrong with your Shoe?

I think that the Broadband or "bandwidth" or something ... whatever you call it, here at the Fairmont is overloaded ... because George Clooney is staying here! (****eeeeek! Gads!****) have not seen him yet, but he's staying at the same resort I am, how neat is that!

Anyway, my internet is so slow, I have no idea why!

Well, I think now i'll call the operator and ask for "george" :) Grins, surely its not that easy to get connected to the Clooney's room! But he's a Kentucky Native, so that's a story for WYMT! I should go LIVE!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Memorial for a 20-10 Olympic Fatal Luge Accident Victim... Nodar Kumaritashvili

The memorial at the luge track for luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was a very emotional experience for me...

The luger lost control of his sled Friday

Went over a track wall and struck a steel pole near the finish line at Whistler Sliding Centre…

Sadly … the luge track at Whistler … the fastest in the world … is now being described as deadly …

Some Olympic spectators I’ve talked to say they’re heartbroken that the games had to start this way…

there’s lots of mixed emotions … the tragedy of the death of this athlete… on the day of the opening ceremonies no less… its a stark contrast to the excitement this night normally holds.

Officials say Athletes are coming to terms with the loss of a fellow competitor and *friend* …

Training on the track was postponed today and an Investigation is currently underway …

Some are saying the 21 year old was inexperienced … on the curve interestingly enough termed “Thunderbird” …

But the luger is not the only one who’s crashed on this track in the last several days

Many athletes are struggling on the course.

As whistler reels tonight … the show still must go on …

Reporting in Whistler, Canada I’m Morgan Schutters WYMT Mountain News.

Notes: not the first time Olympic games have started off with luge crashes …. Apparently one in 1964 ... I have not had time to research.
over 150km/hr
3% of luge runs on this track result in crashes
… Some favorites … like the germans and italians are even having trouble…

Opening Cermonies and Preps for Bobsled Competition Time!

Bobsled Broadcast Media Team AUDIO~! Clinton H. and I in the lobby of the Fairmont Whistler Chateau Resort...

We have had so many long days lately and still not a day off since I've been here ... but hey, who cares! I love this! Having the time of my life and it feels so refreshing to sleep like a rock at night because you've worked your hands to the bone, and legs up the Mountains of Whistler all night!

Listening to Shane & Shane "Yearn For You" right now and thinking of how long I've been wrestling with God for control of my life... I feel so "on edge" with my relationship with him ... I know he'll wait on me, but I don't know what its going to take for me to fully commit back to spending time with Him...

Completely a retrospective look at my life the past 5 or so months.... when you're up in the beauty of his creation hanging mics and working hard in Whistler, Canada you have a lot of time to think about Philosophical things such as that...

I'm definitely playing with fire in my life lately ... just waiting for something to go wrong because I truly am not depending on His work in my life, but simply and only my own works... that can only last so long ....

Lord, help me to come up with new goals for my life and your guidance in my life. Amen.

The Day of Love ... In Whistler, Canada at the Olympics no less!

Valentines Day could only be better if I was with Prince Charming! But I can't be with Mr. Right, so I'll settle for a gorgeous day in Whistler, Canada, the mountains surrounding me ...

The sun kissing my cheeks...

The roses to greet me in the gardens outside the resort, and the Olympics to watch!

Life can not possibly get any better than this.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Five Days in Whistler... Incredible Excitement on the First Day of Olympic Luge Competitions!

Whistler Day Five: First Day of the Men's Luge Competitions...

Photo Description: Audio Crew co-workers as we set up a ladder. They call us "Smurfs" because of our Blue clothing... lol.

The men's start was moved down to women's start because of the fatal accident yesterday... women's moved down to Junior start ... that is sad for the athletes...

Today we worked from 6am until 10pm.


Was live next to the finish for both rounds of men's luge runs tonight. Got colder and rained, snowed and slushed all day. Sort of miserable... but hey, I'm at the Olympics! Love this place! Love these people!

Made friends with the Surgeons, doctors and other medical personnel at the last curve 16 who worked the fatal luge crash yesterday -- there is a memorial down there and the entire barricade has been rebuilt and padded so that hopefully no future incidents will happen...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Witness of Fatal Olympic Accident

Emotional day. The headlines say it all.

There are a lot of mixed emotions.

The tragedy and the death of this athlete on the day of the opening ceremonies no less is a stark contrast to the excitement this night normally holds.

Officials are saying the athletes are coming to terms with the loss of this fellow competitor and friend and that the training on the track was postponed today, but the luger is not the only one who's crashed on this track in the last several days.

several other athletes who are struggling on this course, the fastest in the world.

Live from Whistler, I'm Morgan Schutters WYMT Mountain News.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up on the Mountain .... Whistler, Canada, Day Four

Photo: Description: We put several mics in the trees also and the guys were joking that squirrels and birds would probably think those mics with the fuzzy covers were new friends or something ... lol. We have to entertain ourselves all day somehow! Silly conversations crack me up!

So much snow fell today! Huge snowflakes, the size of gumballs!

Last night I went out with my new friends Marta , Vera D., Borja S., (all from Spain!) and Clinton H. (from Vancouver!) Such a wonderful time with wonderful people. They are all just great!

We took lots of funny photos.

I have found that my packing was sadly lacking for this trip ... I brought so many 'work' clothes -- but no clothes just for bopping around Whistler :( So I wear work clothes all the time ... not fashionable.

But, at the same time, I am here to work. So anything else I get to do is an amazing bonus!

Cold, wet, hard work today: Although I am so thankful, because the weather, really, is very good! It is surprisingly warm (not bitter cold) even though it is snowing and the snow melts making me look like a drowned rat. Thankfully i'm not trying to impress anyone with my fashionable appearance, so it doesnt' matter!

Met Jason W., Director for the entire Broadcast from NBC via Ken: He is a great guy! And so easy to talk with! I look forward to getting to know him better. He invited me to come to the NBC trailer during their broadcast and see what's going on; meet everyone.

I have been taking leftovers from our catered meals so that I don't have to pay for much food while i'm here... So our fridge smells like shrimp and other miscellaneous tidbits! lol.

I have not spoken to my family since I've been here... :( sad. I miss them! But its so hard to communicate because they aren't messaging me on facebook!

Worked out last night with Clinton: We did Ab Ripper, I ran and then we swam as well as doing pyramid pushups. That was a lot of exercise in addition to the walking and trekking up Whistler mountain all day every day for audio work, patching cables and running microphones.

I need to shoot a package tonight for fun: Lee will let me use the camera but he's at the Delta hotel which i'm not sure where its located ... I'll ask Natalie.

Talked to Devon T. a lot today; more than usual. We talked all about her and her girlfriend, and she explained to me their relationship and her background with theater etc. It is good to get to know her better. She is a nice Canadian friend.

I wonder how things are going at WYMT?!

Tomorrow we have to report for work at 6am! WOW! Earliest day yet!

The other morning, when I updated my iphone the night before, it reset so that it was switched back to Kentucky time from Whistler time... Well no big deal EXCEPT for the fact that my alarm was set for 7am... well that is 4am Whistler time.... so I literally woke up to my alarm at 4am Whistler time and started getting ready before I realized that hotel wakeup call had never rang ... which was odd... and the clock on my nightstand said 4am... so I called the front desk and asked what time it was? The answer was 4am.... so I went back to bed! Story of my life. LOL.

Talked to Ken all about God yesterday ... He asked me if I was a born again Christian, I said yes, and that led to a long philosophical conversation while we were setting up mics and running cable through the venue. His beliefs are very different from me in some ways, other ways similar. It was enlightening to hear his perspective and informative. I love to be challenged by someone intellectual.

Good conversation is always welcome!

Lots to do tonight ... including a shower, tiding up the room and uploading photos to the web from Canada!

I got to walk on the bobsled/luge/skeleton track today (at the start line) and look down the track ... so steep! WOW!
Here's hoping Devon will let me do my laundry at her house Monday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Three ... the adventure continues.

Photo: Description: Me and one of my new friends Borja of "B-man" as we call him because its easier to pronounce... from Spain ... there are so many people working on the Olympics from every country you could imagine! I love meeting all of the foreigners ... oh wait, I'm the foreigner! My new Canadian friends think its hilarious that I don't know how to say "eh" correctly and that I call the snow hats "Toboggans" instead of "Toukes"

Another hard days work today ... but it's so gratifying!

I enjoy spending time with new people I've met and learning about how they got to be involved with such an event ... of great proportions! What I do working for the Olympics has a worldwide effect!

That hit me today.

What an opportunity.

Pinch me, am I really here? This is incredible.

I thank God every day for this blessing!

I could get used to this... day three. Oh me!

Photo Description: Clinton H. and I at the Venue working ... he's one of the guys on our "award winning" audio team! One of the men on our team, I found out today, did all the audio work for "Barney" on television -- which I watched growing up wow! Small world and so interesting to learn the history of people's work experience! You'd never know!

"Team" means something new to me every moment I work to make this television broadcast of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics a reality.

Talk about a resume' builder. I'm blown away. I can't imagine explaining this experience in a future job interview: the life-lessons I'm gaining are innumerable!

Olympic Opening Ceremonies coming so soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day two ... Cold Fresh Whistler Air

Photo description: Where I work everyday. Placing mics around the Sliding Venue; the Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton track... so that you can not only see the Olympics on your television screen ... but also hear the events. You're welcome. :)

Back at work, 8:30 am on the bus headed to the mountain. Delicious catered meal as always. Healthy of course...
AND everything is compost-able here - even the silverware. It's incredible how GREEN the Olympics truly is. Good for them!

Tried to upload some pics to facebook last night and the internet went "lame" on me!

So I'll try again ...

Made several new friends here: Canadians Rob and Clinton as well as Devin... Rob works with the camera operators but Clinton and Devin work with me in audio. Great people!

And I've learned so much! I worked with Ken today ... He is also from Kentucky. He calls me Blondie. Imagine that. Hahahaha lol.

Another long day ahead. Too tired for Hot Tub at the resort tonight. But did go to Old Spaghetti Factory tonight for a $25.00 dinner that I was too full to eat most of. Ridiculous. Won't make that mistake again.

Have to be at work earlier than normal tomorrow ... we have to get everything done tomorrow. It's our last day of set-up.

I still don't have a room mate. And I am still ok with that! It's so quiet around here ... restful, relaxing and calm. Just what you need after a hard days work. To get back to the resort tonight from the venue, we took a "short cut" Rob showed us and walked all the way back instead of riding the tram ... it was worth it because it was a beautiful walk ... but it was completely an adventure because we went halfway down a ski slope before Rob said, Oh wait, we're headed to the wrong place -- that is Not the Whistler Chateau! So back up the snow bank and on to the other road ... !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Day of work... Canadians are the coolest.

One of the other audio girls... Devon T. at the track with me after a long days work. She's from Vancouver, and says "Eh" all the time! LOL!!!

Alright ... and the truth comes out. I want to move to Canada! It's amazing! Everyone here is SO nice ... and they all truly do say, "eh" a LOT.

It's adorable.

The mountains here in Whistler are gorgeous. Waking up to the sun rising through the snow drifts on top of the rocky landscape of these ski slopes is incredible! Nothing else quite like it.

I got back from work just in time to watch the last 4 minutes of the Superbowl .. and the Colt lost! WOW! WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! The New Orleans Saints defeat the Indianapolis Colts to win Super Bowl XLIV 31-17 ... Never thought I'd say that. Conroy D. will be so excited.

Met lots of new friends today on the slopes. The audio I am doing is so fun - my co-workers are incredible.

Now hopefully to go to the hot tub with one of my new friends to relax before I'm back headed to work at 8:30 am.

A tremendous night's sleep last night. The resort beds are so comfortable. AND I still do not have a room mate. As I've said before though ... that's ok with me!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whistler for the Olympics

Photo Description: Some of us on the Audio team with the mountains of Whistler being beautiful behind us.

I'm here. All settled into the Whistler Chateau Resort. And let me tell you its gorgeous!

Here's a link to the hotel:

I'm supposed to have a room mate - but i don't yet ... which is completely fine with me! It's so nice and quiet ... and I have my stuff spread out everywhere. Neatly of course.

I was able to see Vancouver this morning ... It was gorgeous ... but nothing compared to Whistler -- Where I am now. The mountains, Ski resorts, everything is just breathtaking.

I am getting up at 6:45 am in the morning to head to the bobsled, luge and skeleton courses ... called the "sliding" venue, where I'll be working for the next month.

We bought groceries and miscellaneous food items after a dinner of focaccia bread sandwiches at the local market. So i intend to eat breakfast here at the hotel in my room each morning.

I am sitting here in my Whistler Chateau Resort robe, headed down to the hot tub for some relaxation now.

Who ever knew the life of luxury could be this good... I feel like a princess. I needed some extra hangers for my closet, so I called the front desk: The phone was answered immediately by a happy voice saying, "hello miss schutters, how are you this evening and what can i get for you?"

Wow! Talk about service with a smile? Literally 3 minutes later, another smiling faced girl was standing at my door with every kind of hanger I could dream of, for me to have.

I could get used to this. Are you sure this is only for a month? And what did I do to deserve this?

Wow, how God blesses me!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Made It to Vancouver

Photo Description: a sign that welcomed me coming into Vancouver, near the IBC. And yes, I did edit it. The colors were not naturally that vibrant...

I'm laying in bed of a bunk right now ... its 12:34 pm the time i'm used to it being ...

But here its really a lot earlier I guess.

I got to talk to Adrian on the web cam tonight - thank God for skype. It was such a blessing to see a friendly, smiling face that I know!

Vancouver is a young city. I like it.

Now to bed. I'm exhausted. Will explain my day today in detail ... tomorrow.

night world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here we go...

I have various items packed in bags scattered around my apartment ... why?

I'm headed to the 20-10 Vancouver Olympics!

I will be working for OBSV (Olympic Broadcasting Services Vancouver) doing broadcast media ... audio ... aside from that I'll have to give you more details later when I actually know what all the job entails.

Friday night I'm meeting up with one of my friends from Asbury College who's also working there ... Will and I won't have cell phone service up in Canada because on AT&T its a little overpriced -- not worth it. So we'll use Skype to meet up.

It's a strange feeling first of all traveling to another country alone and second of all knowing I don't have a cell phone to use ...!

I will leave in the morning to head home and then leave from the airport early Friday morning to fly to Chicago then Seattle and finally Vancouver!

Everyone at work at WYMT has been so supportive and excited for me to go ... I know its a hard time for this to happen ... February is ratings in the news industry ... but yet they all know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I'll have ... something I'll probably never get a chance to do again.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot while I'm away ... for a month!
Then come back to Kentucky and to work at WYMT refreshed and rejuvenated!

As for now ... its time for bed ... tomorrow starts the beginning of a great adventure!