Friday, May 14, 2010

Puppy Times

I have a new little baby girl ... my mini dachshund puppy, Vegas!
She keeps me busy, and happy. They say statistics show dogs promote positivity ... I believe it.

She has SO much energy, and that keeps me running which is good for me: being on the overnight shift at WYMT, I need a little buddy like Vegas!
Hopefully soon I will be able to have a "normal schedule" again, but you never know, so I'm just enjoying the opportunities and benefits that come along with working 11pm-7am and counting my blessings, not worrying about my sleep schedule or being awake when the rest of the world is dreaming.

I am thankful for my boyfriend Adrian T. he has been such an encouragement to me through this time!

I'm headed to NC this weekend ... taking Vegas of course, it's Adrian's daddy's surprise birthday bash! He has no clue that we are all meeting up at the Yurt resort getaways on Bear Lake for a weekend of boating, fishing, great food cooked by Darlene T. and friends, laughter and fun.

Many people have never heard of a "Yurt" but it's a "tent" ... well, pictures are worth a thousand words: check it out, most luxurious. And not cheap either! They call it luxury camping, that is what I call camping!

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone. I miss NC a lot, even though I'm enjoying Kentucky life.

It will be great to see Vegas out in the wild, and catch up with Adrian's sis Tiffany, one of my dear friends.

Election coverage for the May Primary is Tuesday ... so resting and relaxing this weekend are a must!

I am missing one of my dear friend's weddings this weekend though, so that is sad :( Sorry Jen T. I will be there with you in spirit! Just can't do everything. And family comes first. All my college buds will be at the wedding though, and I would love to see them and catch up. However one of my best friends Carolyn T. is getting married in June, so we'll all get to be together then, before she moves to Bolivia!

Alrighty, well I'm only one more newscast away from my weekend, and this commercial break is now over ... so its time to wrap up business in the newsroom soon and head to NC!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Constantly moving

Hi world!
Isn't it fun how life changes? Just when you think you're in a routine, someone else leaves, or something else becomes a different 'thing' ...

It's so exciting when life is never dull, but do you ever just crave the control that comes with routine?

I love meeting new people, having new experiences, adventures and being different!

But I miss the same old, same old: what I'm used to sometimes too.

I love the news industry for just this reason: always changes, opportunities to improve, better yourself and learn new things!