Sunday, April 3, 2011

A beautiful thing.

So many things have the theme of love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

Why so pervasive in our culture? Why the topic of so many movies, books, discussions, classes, studies, speeches, why?

I am in love. Thank you Adrian T. for giving me love.

But can it all end so quickly? How does love that seems so real, so deep fade so fast? Or does it take time to fade?

How can divorce be so common and yet people still get married so often? How can something so beautiful come from two people - a child - a life - a new perspective on the world - and yet be torn apart by two people and a poor choice?

There are so many questions we'll never know the answers to. Or do we? I don't. Yet. But is it best left unknown? Do we keep trying to love? Is it worth it?

The things you remember

I miss my mom. Not in a "i'm little and lonely kind of way" or a "I'm young and immature, need my mother kind of way" but in a grown-up mature, best friend kind of way.
I miss my mom.
We are so close, and I don't get to see her enough now that I'm 13 hours across the country away from her.
I know she's needed me this weekend. And I feel so helpless - a phone call away, but that seems so far.

It's funny the things you remember about your childhood, about your mother; and what sparks those memories to re-appear in your mind? The strangest things!

I got out of the shower tonight and remember how my mom used to make sure I got all the soap out of my hair when I was little. I got sunburned today and remembered how mom used to lather me up from head to toe with 3 inches thick of sunscreen!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazing. How serious.

College basketball isn't everything.
But it's ok. We can all still be friends! Don't worry about it. I think it's funny how upset folks get about basketball but let's keep it real - there are more important things that matter much more in life!

Keep your priorities straight.

Though I am a die-hard UNC fan,

life is more than winning or losing sports. Move on. Life goes on. God bless ya'll! Love you! Keep on keepin on. Keep your chin up! Head up! Smile on your face!



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lagging. Lacking. Motivation to exercise.

Why is it that it's so difficult to keep up the intensity or consistency rather of working out -- but exercise AFTER you are finished is so worth it -- I always have a hard time getting myself to do it, but once I do, I am so glad I did!

I wish I could get into a better routine that is daily instead of two-per-day workouts for a while, then nothing for two days. But I suppose two days off is good for the body to recover.

I have been suffering from terrible allergies - not horrible yet but enough that it's semi-miserable. Something is blooming right now that's getting everyone!

This morning it was thundering, lightning and I had a sore throat when I woke up so I missed my 8 mile run through town with my coworker and her running group. I'm so sad I was not able to go!

Goodness gracious was I in good shape (WAS -- keyword)see photo of me from college:

But I have to look to the future -- today at 3pm, I get to meet my "little sister" for the first time -- she seems like such a neat girl! I am now in the "Big Brother/Big Sister" program mentoring a kid who needs someone to talk to!

So looking forward to finally meeting her.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training: Boomtown 1/2 Marathon!

Joplin, MO.
July 11th!
I am very excited for this adventure and have hit the ground running with my training. I am blogging and doing social media for the event as the "face of the race" lol. :) I am so glad to have my blog followers, Twitter and Facebook friends, etc join me on this journey to the finish line!

This morning I worked out, last night I worked out, yesterday morning I worked out, etc etc-- I've been doing two a days. And it feels good ALREADY I can feel that my core is tighter, my legs etc are less "jiggly" and I have a spring in my step - endorphins are pumping!

I am so excited for this race.
I want everyone who can to begin training with me for it and we can all run together! It's not too late to register - plenty of time, just go to the website. You can also find "Boomtown Days 1/2 Marathon" on Facebook and Twitter search username @boomtownrun.

Most of my updates on the boomtown sites will says "Via @KODE/KSN reporter @Morgan Schutters" or something along those lines, so you'll know its ME who posted! :)

More updates to come. From now until the race, I'll be using this blog to catalog my progress and write about my difficult training and easy training, highs and lows, tips I've found work and don't, etc. And just plain running and fitness encouragement! Be accountable! Be active!


Monday, March 14, 2011

I Never Thought ...

I never thought I would go to a country music concert - but I did it! I went with friends Adrian T. Liz B. and Jessa L. to enjoy Jarrod Neiman and Lee Brice in concert.
They were fabulous.
It's funny because country musicians in general I've found sound wonderful live - which says a lot. Because let's be honest - with as much editing software out there now adays - anyone can sound good on record!
But live- that is the true test!
It was a fun time. My first trip ever to Miami (pronounced Mi-am-uh) Oklahoma - home to the "Buffalo Run Casino" which I see commercial ads on our station all the time! LOL.

Monday, March 7, 2011


What do you do!?

I am addicted to watching the Bachelor. And American Idol. Isnt it funny how you feel personally connected with the people on your favorite reality tv shows? And yet you don't even know them!

I had a great weekend - painted my bedroom (pictures to come!) Hung out with a new friend = Michele. With one "L" --! And got to go bowling. I love my friends. And family. My boyfriend and dog. I am so blessed! More to come, blog family. I just re-discovered my password for this blog so it's up and running again!