Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here we go...

I have various items packed in bags scattered around my apartment ... why?

I'm headed to the 20-10 Vancouver Olympics!

I will be working for OBSV (Olympic Broadcasting Services Vancouver) doing broadcast media ... audio ... aside from that I'll have to give you more details later when I actually know what all the job entails.

Friday night I'm meeting up with one of my friends from Asbury College who's also working there ... Will and I won't have cell phone service up in Canada because on AT&T its a little overpriced -- not worth it. So we'll use Skype to meet up.

It's a strange feeling first of all traveling to another country alone and second of all knowing I don't have a cell phone to use ...!

I will leave in the morning to head home and then leave from the airport early Friday morning to fly to Chicago then Seattle and finally Vancouver!

Everyone at work at WYMT has been so supportive and excited for me to go ... I know its a hard time for this to happen ... February is ratings in the news industry ... but yet they all know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I'll have ... something I'll probably never get a chance to do again.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot while I'm away ... for a month!
Then come back to Kentucky and to work at WYMT refreshed and rejuvenated!

As for now ... its time for bed ... tomorrow starts the beginning of a great adventure!

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