Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Love A New Tube of Mascara...

Always meeting someone new at the Olympics ...
Most everyone I've met so far, are amazing people~!

Photo Description: Went to the "Amsterdam Pub" in Whistler Village after work and got my first order of "Poutine" I've ever had ... Cheese Curds on French Fries... Smothered with Gravy ... Thinking about it now makes me nauseous but at the time, it tasted fairly good. Such a Canadian thing. They just love it here in the Maple Leaf State. :)

One of the guys I work with, Rob B. is a big time videographer and snowboarder... His blog is: and He is pursuing the most amazing opportunities literally all over the world! He told me about a new one yesterday but it's on the DL, so I can't explain here.

The Sliding Center events here at the Olympics have been going well -- everyone is so enthusiastic, especially when a Canadian slides. Skeleton is the most nerve-racking of them all because the slider lays on his stomach, his face just inches from the ice... a wreck means certain injury or death.

I love my roommate Vera, from Spain. Between her and her friends from Spain, as well as the two audio friends i've made on our team from Spain, Marta H. and Borja S. I have brushed up on my Spanish so much! I talk to them in Spanish as much as I can! It is such a learning opportunity!

Off to another day now at the Whistler Sliding Center here at the Olympics in Canada. Bobsled practice is the plan for today I believe. I want to hop in a Bobsled and slide down SO badly!

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