Sunday, April 3, 2011

The things you remember

I miss my mom. Not in a "i'm little and lonely kind of way" or a "I'm young and immature, need my mother kind of way" but in a grown-up mature, best friend kind of way.
I miss my mom.
We are so close, and I don't get to see her enough now that I'm 13 hours across the country away from her.
I know she's needed me this weekend. And I feel so helpless - a phone call away, but that seems so far.

It's funny the things you remember about your childhood, about your mother; and what sparks those memories to re-appear in your mind? The strangest things!

I got out of the shower tonight and remember how my mom used to make sure I got all the soap out of my hair when I was little. I got sunburned today and remembered how mom used to lather me up from head to toe with 3 inches thick of sunscreen!

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