Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Training: Boomtown 1/2 Marathon!

Joplin, MO.
July 11th!
I am very excited for this adventure and have hit the ground running with my training. I am blogging and doing social media for the event as the "face of the race" lol. :) I am so glad to have my blog followers, Twitter and Facebook friends, etc join me on this journey to the finish line!

This morning I worked out, last night I worked out, yesterday morning I worked out, etc etc-- I've been doing two a days. And it feels good ALREADY I can feel that my core is tighter, my legs etc are less "jiggly" and I have a spring in my step - endorphins are pumping!

I am so excited for this race.
I want everyone who can to begin training with me for it and we can all run together! It's not too late to register - plenty of time, just go to the website. You can also find "Boomtown Days 1/2 Marathon" on Facebook and Twitter search username @boomtownrun.

Most of my updates on the boomtown sites will says "Via @KODE/KSN reporter @Morgan Schutters" or something along those lines, so you'll know its ME who posted! :)

More updates to come. From now until the race, I'll be using this blog to catalog my progress and write about my difficult training and easy training, highs and lows, tips I've found work and don't, etc. And just plain running and fitness encouragement! Be accountable! Be active!


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