Friday, July 2, 2010

Beginning of July!

Summer is here of course, and I'm getting so excited for my 2 weeks paid vacation from WYMT-TV to finally arrive!

Monday I have off :) hooray! And it is also my 9 month anniversary at YMT. Wow how time has flown by.

Adrian T. is in Louisville golfing and I'm left with no plans, and not sure what to do! I love that feeling sometimes. You feel like you have a clean slate, you can relax and just fly by the seat of your pants. Wonderful!

I want to see Angie B. so can't wait to hear from her for Fourth of July Extravaganza planning. I miss her so much now that she's moved and settled in to KYT in Lexington. :) Glad she is loving it though!

This morning I ran a story in the 6 am Healthwatch segment about Alzheimer's and youthful exercise ... I have always wondered if I would be a good candidate for getting that horrible disease someday, since I don't have the best memory in the first place ... but according to this new study, girls who exercise a lot when they are a teen have way less likely of a chance of ever having the disease!

Good news for me!

Well, I'm off to head home now from work ... I need to sleep and then get ready for my long weekend. Much needed and so exciting!


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