Friday, June 4, 2010


Ever wondered why it is so much easier for people to discourage you ... rather than encourage? That has always blown me away!

It seems much more difficult for some to smile than to frown! But why? We have so much to be thankful for.

As one of my dear friends Chas G. kept saying to me this morning ... there is always someone who has it much worse off than we do. And that is true!

When I think I have it bad ... or when I think I'm suffering or sad, look around ... there is someone else who needs me to encourage them more!

So my goal for today ... this week ... this month ... this year ... is to just encourage others and to be sympathetic, have mercy and show compassion.

You never ever know what someone could be going through ... unsaid.

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  1. Encouragement is essential, but rare. We crave it, but we seldom get it...until! That rare encounter occurs where you cross paths with a genuine encourager. The one that looks through your eyes and brings light to the darkest parts of your soul. We then realize, and appreciate the precious gift that a heartfelt encouraging word truly is. As your father Morgan, may I always be your encourager. I love you. Dad.