Thursday, March 11, 2010

Overnight in the Newsroom

Day one of overnight shift at WYMT-TV. I think I might like it? It's definitely different that is for sure. There is no one there really... just a few of us. But it's amazing how much you can get accomplished during the day if you don't mind sleeping a little less.

My apartment is clean, I've uploaded some pictures from the Olympics I wanted to upload and share with friends, I have been hydrating drinking tea and water all day to try to get healthy again from my congestion sickness I have, I made lunch in my kitchen (me in the kitchen? Unheard of!) I have caught up with some old friends, done a bunch of laundry and put tons away that had piled up, worked on errands and projects I have been wanting to work on for ever but never have time to tackle. So productive!

So, besides being an empty lonely newsroom while you work and a sleep schedule that is opposite from the rest of the world, I like that shift I've decided.

However, could I get used to that? Hmmmmm, well I can do anything I set my mind to, so yes. But do I want to? No, not really. If was asked to though, I'd consider.

Back to work tonight at midnight working on the a.m. shows. Then the weekend and getting to see Adrian T. can't wait!

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