Thursday, January 21, 2010

Its late and I can't sleep... too much running through my head to be tired.

Can't sleep. I'm too excited for the weekend. And, I drank a coke. Before bed. Stupid! What was I thinking. That was so dumb.

I know caffeine affects me!

Oh well. Too late now! I'm headed home tomorrow and I could not possibly be more excited. Its going to rock.

I would love to produce the four pm newscast tomorrow, but I don't know if I can pull that off... I am supposed to produce the 6pm newscast. We will see. I'll ask Ashley if we can switch back.

I was looking on facebook at some old photos Jill tagged me in; wow. Old as in back in the day when I was in Kindergarten at the private Christian school I went to before I was homeschooled. So long ago! And yet I remember the giant plastic hippo on the playground we'd play on and the swingset ... field day and group pictures once a year. Our whole school fit into a giant photo!

And I see my friend Emily and her husband in Cali ... they are the cutest godly couple. Trendy, beautiful and full of the Lord's light. That is what I aspire to be. A real world example of how Jesus would be if he walked in physical human shoes.

I can tell I'm over tired. I'm rambling about the most random things. Its good to get it all out though every once in a while. Because really, no one reads this blog. I mean, who am I kidding? i'm just one girl, living her life, writing about it on the giant space called the internet.

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