Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm going to start blogging. daily.

No ifs ands and/or buts about it! I'm going to work at the Vancouver Olympics ... ummm what better time than now to start blogging!

And i'll get started blogging BEFORE I go ... to get in the habit of course!

Too many funny ... amazing ... crazy things happen in my life NOT to blog. I want it all written down so that someday, when i write my own book, I'll have everything documented.

I still think when i make my life into a sitcom someday, i'll be glad i wrote everything down.

I've been meaning to get started again blogging or journaling or something since I stopped last and it took a night by myself resting to get me back into it again!

The movie Julie&Julia inspired me too -- how Julie blogs every night about her cooking disasters ... i have plenty of those!

And i'm not blogging to become famous like some people have in the past ... no, i am blogging for ME. no one else, but myself and my thoughts.

Now, if people are entertained by reading what i have to say, then rock on! Read away!

But, if not, then don't bore yourself with MY ramblings ... make adventures of your own!

So right now my iTunes is open playing "3" by Britney Spears ... ok, i know she isn't a greatly moral person or anything, and i don't look up to her as a role model, thats for sure. BUT i do like her music! Its catchy ... and it makes me want to dance! and OH how i love to dance ....

Ok, so life is all about people, love, relationship, balance ... doing your best and working hard doing what you love with the people you love. Your relationship with God is most important first ... to me at least. Some would argue with me that HE is NOT most important, but i'm not here to argue! He's MOST important to me, and if he's not to you, that is your choice.

But today i found out some more interesting news ... Dad's job might be in jeopardy? oh gosh. I am really scared! But everytime i start to be scared, i just talk to God. I say, Daddy, (because i call God daddy), what do you have planned? Why is this happening? And i hardly ever hear back "why" but i always know to be at peace ... that it will all work out. And i KNOW that it will. I know. I trust. I have faith.

So even when the world seems like its falling apart ... like in the movie "The Book of Eli" that i saw this weekend with Adrian ... God is still there. And he has a plan. He has a reason for things, even when it doesn't make sense to me. And i am so comforted by that knowledge. The knowledge that God is good all the time. All the time my God is good.

He won't give up on me. and I won't give up on him.


  1. that's cool you get to work at the Vancouver Olympics :) Have fun!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am having the time of my life. This truly is a dream come true. God bless! And thanks for following my blog! -Moe